Goodbye to Mrs Buckley

Mrs BuckleyThe PE Department would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Buckley for her incredible service to St.Mary's over the past 17 years. She joined the school straight from completing her PGCE and has given 17 dedicated years to bettering the lives of the young people she has met in her care. In her time at the school she has led numerous school teams to cup glory, started whole school initiatives such as the active lunch programme and taught with passion and enthusiasm. We will all miss her greatly. We wish her luck working for S23 Fitness in her exciting new family venture.

Pru Goals Cycle London Launch Event

Mr McVittie and Dame Kelly Holmes

Thirteen Students attended the launch of the Cycle London event in a stormy Harrogate yesterday. The first stage of their cycling journey which will hopefully end in each one of them completing 46 miles, through the streets of London, culminating in crossing the line on The Mall.

And what a start – Dame Kelly Holmes!!!!

The day started with a brief introduction then a nutrition talk from the cycle land speed record holder, Guy Martin who explained what was needed to train then ride the race. It was amazing to see just what you could and could not eat to help you build up energy levels during the race. Dame Kelly Holmes also mentioned what she had done last year when she competed in the race for the first time.

The second session was on motivation which involved all students including Mr Mcvittie spending five minutes looking at times when they had to change their attitude and direction in order to achieve a new goal. This emphasised the start of this journey and how they were going to have to prepare in the forthcoming months. Some interesting examples and encouragingly everybody took part willingly.

The final part of the day was all about the bike. They showed us the bike, its features and then some safety tips. Then helmets on and out for a practice on the roads of Harrogate. Hopefully we will not have the same weather in july – wind , hail, snow! Everybody at least got a chance to sit on their bike and ride in convoy for a short time before the inclement weather beat us.

The bikes followed us home and have been stored at St Marys in preparation for the months ahead.

Good luck to all riders and we cannot wait to cross that line on the Mall.


Year 4 Primary PE festival

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On 17th March the PE department held a primary festival for year 4 students from our feeder primary schools. Students developed their team work through a bench ball competition as well as a ''street dance' session led by Lexi Moat (yr9). The day was a huge success. Thank you to all our year 9 ambassadors - Annie Wills, Darcie Lovell, Jessica Duffy, Lexi Moat, Ellie Whitmore, Emily Schofiled, Roberta Rogers-Smith,and Khuslen Gantulga, your help and leadership was greatly appreciated. 


Year 7 Girls Basketball Winners

Year 7 Girls Basketball Team

Well done to the year 7 Girls Basketball team on coming first position in the Blackpool Schools tournament. The team consisted of; Elise Cannell-Squire, Justyna Wasik, Amy Nickless, Grace Dixon, Evie Wrigley, Jasmine Berrisford and Olivia Hawkins.