Year 11 Castlerigg

A wonderful group of 28 Y11 students kicked off Lent in style with a retreat to Castlerigg Manor. We were there for Shrove Tuesday (and were treated to lots of tasty pancakes!) and Ash Wednesday, where we were joined by Bishop Campbell for a reconciliation service and the distribution of Ashes. Bishop Campbell also stayed with us on Thursday: watching our dramas, answering questions in “grill the Priest” and treating us to a personal reading of his Pastoral Letter for Lent at the end of our Mass.

The week was the perfect opportunity for our students to “get away from it all” and have the time out to reflect on the important few months ahead of them, with GCSEs and beyond into their future. Our staff and the Castlerigg team were impressed by our students’ maturity and creativity, and the fantastic response they gave to each activity: never has it been such a challenge to persuade some of them to leave the quiet sanctuary of the Chapel and go to bed! Thanks to a great group of students for engaging so well with every opportunity for both fun and reflection, and to the wonderful Castlerigg team for leading us in such an honest, open and authentic way!


OFSTED Inspection 21st March 2017

Two inspectors will visit St Mary's tomorrow to carry out a Section 8 short one day inspection. Students will have a copy of a letter informing you of this in their school bag. A copy is also attached below along with a copy of "School Inspections: A guide for parents." There is information in the letter regarding how to access Parent View to fill in an OFSTED questionnaire should you wish to.

Letter to parents

School Inspections: A guide for parents


Year 7 Girls Basketball Winners

Year 7 Girls Basketball Team

Well done to the year 7 Girls Basketball team on coming first position in the Blackpool Schools tournament. The team consisted of; Elise Cannell-Squire, Justyna Wasik, Amy Nickless, Grace Dixon, Evie Wrigley, Jasmine Berrisford and Olivia Hawkins. 


Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

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Fairtrade Fortnight took place from February 27th - March 10th and St. Mary’s have been presenting the staff and students with various treats, all while taking them on a mini break around the world. Students had the chance to get their Fairtrade passport stamped for each different place they have been taken to.

To open the two weeks, the Chaplaincy Team held a Tiki Juice Bar, with Fairtrade ingredients from Latin America. The students were offered a drink for 50p with a choice of Traditional Handmade Lemonade, St. Mary’s Ice Tea, Strawberry Fizz and Appleade. The Juice Bar was a hit and set up the theme nicely to create excitement over what was to come next.

We then had hot drinks on offer; Fairtrade tea, hot chocolate and fudge hot chocolate. A drink on it’s own was 60p or you could have a hot drink and two fair break biscuits for £1. We offered this trip to West Africa - where Fairtrade chocolate is found at break in the Deli Bar. This offer ran for two days as well as selling all of our regular Fairtrade products.

Continuing in West Africa, we held a chocolate fountain with Fairtrade chocolate and the students had the opportunity to dip in skewers of marshmellows, strawberries and banana for £1 per skewer. This was a clear success with the students and the Chaplaincy team even got a little taste at the end!

To end Fairtrade Fortnight, we gave the staff a treat to Fairtrade tea and coffee with a Fairtrade chocolatey product, or fruit for those good people who have given up chocolate for Lent. Debs and Margaret, the angels who usually prep for staff brews at break time were given their own break as we took over to highlight to the staff what Fairtrade products are available in shops and a taste of a good brew and a proper coffee.

Personally, I have loved Fairtrade Fortnight and the efforts of the whole team, particularly Sarah, have paid off as we managed to draw attention to the Fairtrade Foundation and generate some attention and the chance to offer students something different. Remember we sell Fairtrade products at break everyday! What’s your favourite?